The GPN Universe

The GPN Ecosystem combines blockchain technology, a purpose-built legal structure, and a systematic business model to enhance security, transparency, and efficiency while ensuring compliance. The ecosystem is based on a clear set of rules and regulations, which ensures consistency and control for the use of blockchain technology. The ecosystem is designed to create a secure and trustworthy environment for investments, where all parties involved adhere to regulations.

The GPN Ecosystem comprises the following components:

  • The GreenPad Foundation (GPF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the development of the GreenPad Network (GPN) ecosystem and associated technologies and businesses that align with GPN's high standards. GPF's mission is to foster innovation in the Alternative Investment market and improve its quality and standards while reducing associated risks. By promoting decentralization, diversification, and facilitating equal access to investment opportunities, GPF helps ensure that GPN remains at the forefront of alternative investments, providing cutting-edge solutions to investors.

  • DAISO (Decentralised Alternative Investments Syndicate Offerings): DAISO is a cutting-edge DAO that connects investors in a Web3 environment. This innovative Syndicate brings traditional alternative investments into the 21st century using blockchain technology. DAISO offers fair opportunities, low risk, retail inclusion, zero management fees, and unlocked liquidity, all governed by the community.

  • GreenPad Capital (GPC): Is a crucial part of the GPN ecosystem, acting as both a Syndicate Leader and General Partner. By evaluating projects listed on DAISO and investing alongside the community, GPC plays a significant role in the monetization model that allows us to offer all ecosystem services to our community members tax-free.

  • GPN Utility Tokens and NFT Member Cards: The GPN Token and NFT Member Cards are at the heart of the GPN ecosystem, providing essential functions that enable innovation, collaboration, and growth. The GPN Token serves as the exchange currency for the entire ecosystem, ensuring secure and efficient transactions across the platform. Meanwhile, NFT Member Cards grant users access to the DAISO and serve as proof of membership and a coveted asset for users.

  • Unicorns Farm: The Unicorns Farm is a startup hub that offers aspiring entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to develop and scale their businesses with the help of a powerful network of mentors, investors, and industry experts. The Farm provide a comprehensive suite of services and resources to help startups at all stages of their journey.

  • Ambassador Circle: The Ambassador Circle Program plays a crucial role in the GPN ecosystem, bringing together a team of 10 influential members from TikTok and YouTube channels who are passionate advocates of GPN. This program aims to incentivize the creation of eligible content, including news, partnerships, listings, and promotional material about GPN. Join the Ambassador Circle and enjoy the following tiers of participation:

    • Community Building: Active contributors can earn 150 Savvy Alliance Network Keys, 5 Forward Thinkers Network Keys, 1 Fund Front Network Key, and 10 TrendSetter Network Keys.

    • Trading Incentive: Engage in trading activities to have a chance to win 1 of 150 Savvy Alliance Network Keys, rewarding your active trading efforts.

    • DAISO Community Marketing: Contribute to the marketing endeavors of the DAISO community.

    The Ambassador Circle offers a total of 300 Savvy Alliance Network Keys, 5 Forward Thinkers Network Keys, 1 Fund Front Network Key, 10 TrendSetter Network Keys, and 2,500,000 GPN tokens vested monthly over a period of 5 years.

The GPN community is composed of various active members, including:

  • Savvy Alliance (Retail Investors): At GPN, we believe in democratizing access to alternative investments and empowering retail investors. That's why we've made it possible for anyone to participate in early funding rounds, such as the SEED round, through the projects and funds listed on DAISO. Our expert-vetted offerings are diversified, liquid, and well-documented, making it easy for investors to make informed decisions. With the Savvy Alliance, previously inaccessible investment opportunities are now within reach for all.

  • Forward Thinkers (Angel Investors): Forward Thinkers (Angel Investors): GPN offers a unique opportunity for visionary private investors to diversify their portfolios without geographical or niche barriers. With a decentralized and liquid environment, GPN unlocks enormous potential for investors to explore alternative investments and capitalize on emerging trends.

  • Fund Front (Institutional Investors): DAISO serves as a gateway for institutional investors to consolidate and diversify funds, establish partnerships, and connect with a global network of like-minded investors. Leveraging the GPN Ecosystem, institutional investors gain access to previously inaccessible, new, and innovative investment opportunities. GreenPad Capital (GPC) and DAISO streamline the management of multiple fractional retail investors, operating as a unified entity representing the entire GPN Community. GPC handles tokenization, distribution, and workflow optimization for a seamless and efficient process. This integrated solution simplifies the management of retail investors, facilitating smooth progress in the investment workflow. Additionally, GPN's decentralized nature ensures a secure and transparent platform for fund management and transactions. With DAISO, institutional investors can stay at the forefront of the investment landscape, maximizing returns while minimizing risk.

Each member's level of access to the GPN Ecosystem is determined by the type of NFT Membership Card they hold, which can vary based on their role and contribution within the Ecosystem. Members with extended abilities may implicitly have the status of a Partner and can list their own products on DAISO, enlarging the Network and adding value to the Ecosystem.

The GPN Community is intentionally limited in size, yet open to organic growth through active community involvement. This approach allows for the development of a robust product, while providing early adopters with opportunities to benefit from the trust placed in the project. As the GPN Ecosystem evolves and generates positive results for investors, more people will be attracted to join the Community. This growth will create scarcity and demand for GPN Tokens and GPN NFT Network Keys, further increasing their value. By becoming a GPN Member, you'll join an exclusive group of investors with access to unique investment opportunities within a thriving Ecosystem.

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