GPN consists of two Utility components - the GPN Tokens and the NFT Network Keys (Membership Cards). These components work together within the Ecosystem to facilitate a range of complex utilities that could not be implemented under a single token.

The utility of GPN tokens refers to their practical use within the GPN ecosystem. GPN tokens are the primary utility token within the ecosystem, used for transactions, staking, governance, and incentivization. GPN Tokens Info:

  • Abbreviation - GPN

  • Total Supply - 250.000.000 GPN

  • Use Case - Utility in the GPN Ecosystem

  • Smart Contract - 0x939589313e3Fe29221AD54756da0e936b02F0282

GPN Tokens Listing Info:

  • CEX Listing - TBA

  • DEX Listing - TBA

  • Max. Listing Supply - 100.000 GPN

  • Listing Market Cap - 500.000 USD

For the GPN Network Keys full Info check the page: Network Keys

Crowdfunding Info: GPN Crowdfunding is a campaign aimed at raising funds for the development and launch of GreenPad Network. By purchasing GPN Network Keys and/or Tokens, supporters can contribute to the democratization of Alternative Investments through decentralization and inclusion of retail investors.

Crowdfunding Purpose: The funds raised through the crowdfunding campaign will be used for the following:

  • Legal Regulation - to ensure compliance with laws and regulations;

  • Development - to expand and enhance the features and services offered by the GPN Ecosystem;

  • Ambassadors Perception - to promote the benefits and opportunities of the GPN Ecosystem to a wider audience;

  • Public Awareness - to create a positive image and reputation for the GPN Ecosystem

  • Community Building - to grow and foster engagement and collaboration among Members;

  • Marketing to increase the visibility and reach;

  • Team Growth to hire and retain top talent to support the development of GPN;

Crowdfunding Rounds:

  • Round I (Public SEED): The Public SEED round aims to promote the democratization of alternative investments through decentralization and the inclusion of retail investors. The SEED round has been transformed from a private offering to a public one, allowing a wider and more diverse range of investors to gain access to opportunities that were previously unavailable to them. The Public SEED round is centered around the offering of NFTs called Network Keys, which function as membership cards and are the exclusive means of accessing certain areas of the GPN ecosystem. Early adopters of Network Keys are granted free GPN tokens with a 3-month cliff and weekly vesting over two years, promoting long-term commitment and loyalty to the project. These NFTs are a special edition created exclusively for the SEED round and are limited in number, providing early backers with advantages and benefits.

  • Round II (Public SALE): The Public Sale serves as the final round in which GPN Tokens are offered. Its purpose is to create a stable reference valuation of the GPN token by providing a fair opportunity for retail investors to acquire tokens at a fixed price. The Public Sale is an important milestone that will coincide with the launch of DAISO, the ecosystem's portal to accumulate or diversify funds and create partnerships. More details about the Public Sale will be announced at a later date to ensure successful synchronization with the launch of DAISO.

GPN Tokens Distribution and Vesting:

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