Economic Resilience

Fees dedicated to maintaining the health and balance of the GPN Ecosystem.

Network Key Royalty Fees (NKR) 5%; Funds collected will be deposited in the Community Treasury.

Contract Breach Fee (CBF) 25%; Applies a fee for early termination of a HODLing Contract, and is feeding the HODLing program.

Dynamic Supply Management (DSM) 0-8% Is an protocol designed to activate when the circulating supply of GPN Tokens reaches 20%, enabling efficient management of the token supply. To prevent double charges, specific addresses will be exempt from fees. GPN will provide a detailed list of all the addresses excluded from fees, ensuring transparency and awareness among all involved parties. This measure ensures fairness and clarity in the fee structure and promotes a smooth functioning of the GPN ecosystem.

These fees do not represent a form of monetization but are implemented to ensure the sustainability and growth of the GPN Ecosystem. They serve the role of compensation to ensure the continuity of some programs or to control inflation. GPN does not collect or use these fees for its own interest, but they are scheduled to return to the community or to be burned.

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