Functionality Breakdown

The DAISO platform operates through a carefully crafted workflow that enables startups to apply for funding (but not limited to), validates their projects with the help of GPC and the community, and allows investors to safely invest in DAISO listed projects. The platform is designed to provide a secure and reliable funding ecosystem for any type of business under Alternative Investment umbrella and investors alike.

Pattern of DAISO listing flow:

  1. Startups can apply for funding directly to GPC or can be nominated by community members with listing rights;

  2. The type of listing requested;

  3. The routes to DAISO;

  4. GPC will carefully review the application and determine whether to list the project on DAISO or reject it. This is the first stage of project validation;

  5. If the project is approved, GPN will create a smart contract based on the business model, thereby tokenizing the project. DAISO will list both crypto and non-crypto projects that are tokenized by GPN;

  6. The listed projects will be visible to the community, and investors can participate in the funding round on a predetermined date;

  7. If the soft cap is not reached within the allocated time, all funds will be automatically returned to investors, and the project will not be listed. This is the second stage of project validation by the community;

  8. If the required minimum limit is reached, the funds will be distributed to the applicants;

  9. Any DAISO listed project will have two stages: - The first stage will allocate percentages for each category of community members. - The second stage consist in free extension if the percentages are not fully utilized by one or more categories of investors. This means that certain members and or non members will be able to purchase the remaining share in the other categories, ensuring that the project reaches its full potential.

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