Legal Disclaimers

The GPN Lightpaper is intended to provide information about the GreenPad Network project and is not a prospectus or offer document of any kind. It is not an offer of securities or an application for investment in securities under any jurisdiction. This Lightpaper does not constitute a legally binding contract or commitment, and no cryptocurrency or other form of payment shall be accepted on the basis of all or any part of the information available in this Lightpaper.

Any sale and purchase of GPN Tokens and/or GPN NFTs shall be governed by the terms and conditions of such agreement and no other documents. Citizens, residents, or holders of green cards in restricted jurisdictions or restricted persons are not eligible to purchase GPN Tokens in the token sale.

No regulatory body has reviewed or approved any of the information contained in this Lightpaper. The information contained in this Lightpaper is subject to changes and errors. Some statements within this document are forward-looking and subject to change as work progresses. The GreenPad Network team shall not be liable for any of these statements, which may also change due to external factors beyond their control.

By purchasing GPN Tokens and/or GPN NFTs, you acknowledge and agree that you may lose all the money you spend, and that your purchase cannot be returned or changed. There is no warranty that the usefulness of the GPN Tokens and/or GPN NFTs or the projects described in this Lightpaper will be delivered. You give up your rights by accepting these terms and conditions and participating in the GPN Tokens sale and/or GPN NFTs sale, and agree not to have any remedies, recent actions, actions, judgment or remedies against the GreenPad Network team if the usefulness of the GPN Tokens and/or GPN NFTs is not due to the design project.

If you are uncertain about anything in this Lightpaper or you are not prepared to lose all the money you spend purchasing GPN Tokens and/or GPN NFTs, we strongly urge you not to purchase any GPN Tokens and/or GPN NFTs. We recommend that you consult legal, financial, tax, and other professional advisors or experts in your jurisdiction for further guidance before participating in the GPN Tokens sale and/or GPN NFTs sale outlined in this Lightpaper.

GPN Tokens and/or GPN NFTs are not shares or securities of any type. They do not entitle you to any ownership or other interest. They are merely means by which you may be able to utilize certain services on a platform/platforms that are yet to be developed. There is no guarantee that the platform/platforms will actually be developed. To ensure compliance with AML and KYC regulations, participation in fundraising rounds and access to the DAISO platform may require mandatory verification checks. These measures are in place to ensure the utmost security and regulatory compliance, creating a trusted and secure environment for all participants. Please note that failure to complete the mandatory AML and KYC form may result in the inability to access certain features or participate in the platform.

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