HODLing Contracts

GPN's HODLing (Staking) Contracts are a crucial element of our strategy to foster active community participation in the growth of our Ecosystem. Through these Contracts, Community Members can earn an interest rate that benefits early adopters. To ensure Longevity and Sustainability, GPN has developed the Dynamic Supply Management (DSM) system, which stabilizes inflation by applying a percentage tranzaction fee, and the Contract Breach Fee (CBF), which applies a fee for early termination of a HODLing Contract, and is feeding the HODLing program with these fees.

Participating in GPN's HODLing Contracts offers several benefits, including:

  • Reducing Circulating Tokens: By engaging in HODLing Contracts, the program reduces the circulating supply of GPN Tokens, potentially stabilizing or even appreciating the remaining GPN tokens' value. This is especially valuable to the ecosystem as a whole, signaling that the community values GPN's services and believes in its future success.

  • Access to the GPN Ecosystem: NFT Membership Cards serve as Keys to various benefits and utilities in the GPN Ecosystem, making them a valuable component that contributes to the growth of the community.

  • Community Growth: Encouraging active participation in the development of the GPN Ecosystem fosters organic growth and increases membership within the network. While GPN has developed a complex marketing strategy and reserved funds for promoting the Ecosystem, creating new NFT Membership Cards is in the hands of the community, making them an effective tool for growing the community.

  • Financial Rewards: HODLing Contracts offer participants a way to earn financial rewards while keeping their GPN Tokens. Membership Cards earned through HODLing Contracts are also valuable, as they contribute to the overall growth and value of the Network.

It's important to note that a significant portion (60%) of the total GPN Tokens are allocated and accessible only through HODLing Contracts. By interacting with HODLing Contracts, members actively contribute to the growth and sustainability of the GPN Ecosystem.

Contract Breach Fee: This fee is implemented to prevent contract breaches, which can have a negative impact on the overall health of the ecosystem. In the event that a contract breach occurs, a fee of 25% is automatically imposed. This fee is deducted from the total value of the transaction, and the funds collected are used to re-feed the HODLing Contracts. The purpose of the Contract Breach Fee (CBF) of 25% is to ensure the sustainability of the program by re-feeding the HODLing Contracts.

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