1. (Funds and Projects)

  2. Non Members Waterfall (Funds)

  3. Non Members Investment Fees (Projects)

  4. Alternative Currency Investments Fees (Funds and Projects)

1. Co-Investments (Funds and Projects) GPN aims to provide high-quality and affordable services without implementing a waterfall structure for the members, offering its community free access without fees or commissions. GPN Members are exempted from investment fees.

  • GPN Members are exempted from Funds Investment Fees.

To achieve this, GreenPad Capital (GPC) plays a key role as a centralized component of the GPN Ecosystem. GPC has several functions, including:

  • Attracting high-quality investment opportunities;

  • Serving as the General Partner, and the first vetting layer;

  • Supervising the activity of partners as DAISO leader and protecting investors from fraud attempts;

  • Ensuring the quality of listings on DAISO and minimizing risks associated with alternative investments;

  • Serving as an Co-Investor in projects and funds listed on DAISO that pass the community vetting.

This co-investor approach provides a monetization method to financially support the ecosystem while facilitating zero management fees for Members. Moreover, the co-investor approach to DAISO provides communities with an additional level of confidence.

2. Non-Members Waterfall structure: TIER 1: 0% - 15% PREFERRED LIMITED PARTNER (LP) INTEREST TIER 2: 15% - 20% CATCH-UP GENERAL PARTNER (GP) INTEREST TIER 3: 20% - 100% SPLIT (20% GP - 80% LP) TIER 4: 100%+ SPLIT (50% GP - 50% LP) 3. Non Members Investment Fees (Projects) 5% Management Fee.

4. Alternative Currency Investments Fees (Funds and Projects) +5% Management Fee

To establish itself in the ecosystem, GPC will receive a quota of GPN tokens, which will be transparently managed and limited in use. GPC's commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and long-term value creation makes it a valuable and necessary component of the GPN ecosystem. GPC's involvement will help drive the growth and success of the ecosystem while maintaining the highest standards of quality and security. NOTE: GPN cannot force DAISO Partners with listing rights to forego the necessary Waterfalls for their business sustainability, GPN will impose Transparent Fee Information to safeguard the community. Any fees charged by partners will be solely their responsibility, and GPN will not share or benefit from them in any way.

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