Network Keys

Access and Growth in the GPN Ecosystem

GPN Network Keys are unique NFTs Cards of Utility and Membership that serve as passports to access the GPN ecosystem. These cards provide access and foster a sense of community and belonging among members. Each Key type offers different abilities and use cases, and the level of access to the GPN Ecosystem varies depending on the type of GPN Network Key owned. A Key with extended abilities and/or use cases can make its holder by default a Partner, status that provides access to list its own projects on DAISO.

The GPN Network Keys are tailored to meet the specific needs of each member type and come in two editions:

  • The Seed Edition Network Keys - designed explicitly for early adopters who ar playing a vital role in laying the foundation of the GPN project. As a gesture of gratitude for their support and trust, these keys are special crafted.

  • The HODL Edition Network Keys - are minted through HODLing Contracts and empower the community to drive an organic rhythm of growth and development of the platform.

New users can join the community by purchasing GPN Network Keys from existing members, with the value being determined by the scarcity and demand to utilize the platform.

As GPN generates positive results and member recommendations, new members will be attracted to the community, creating scarcity and demand for GPN Tokens and GPN Network Keys, adding even more value to the GPN Ecosystem. By joining the GPN community, members become part of an exclusive group with access to unique investment opportunities.

GPN will implement a 5% Royalty Fee on all Network Keys transactions. This fee will be automatically deducted from the total value of each transaction, and the funds collected will be used to support the community treasury. The community treasury will be managed transparently under community governance, ensuring that the funds are used for the benefit of the community.

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