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The alternative investments market is going through significant changes as investors look for new opportunities and prioritize sustainability and ethical business practices. However, there are significant challenges associated with alternative investments, such as:

  • Limited access and high barriers to entry for retail investors: Historically, alternative investments were primarily accessible only to institutional investors and high net worth individuals, resulting in a lack of diversification and limited investment opportunities for the average retail investor.

  • Diversification: Alternative investments are often managed by firms focused on niche expertise with activities concentrated in certain geographic areas. This can lead to poor and limited diversification of funds, exposing investors to significant risks.

  • Illiquidity: Many alternative investments are illiquid, meaning they cannot be easily bought or sold on public markets, which can make it difficult for investors to exit their positions or rebalance their portfolios.

Despite these challenges, alternative investments hold immense promise and potential, and with the growing trend towards democratization and access, individual investors are increasingly seeking out opportunities to invest in alternative assets.

Key trends in the alternative investments market:

  • Rise of ESG investing: Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing has become an important consideration for many investors, including those interested in alternative investments. This has led to a growing interest in investments that prioritize sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical business practices.

  • Technology-enabled disruption: Technology is transforming the alternative investments industry, with innovations such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and crowdfunding platforms enabling new investment opportunities and increasing efficiency in the investment process.

  • Private equity: Private equity remains one of the largest and fastest-growing segments of the alternative investments market, driven by strong demand from investors seeking higher returns and the potential for significant capital appreciation.

  • International alternative investments: Access to international alternative investments, such as private equity and venture capital, holds immense promise and potential, especially for retail investors who are currently limited in accessing this form of investment. With the global alternative investment market estimated at $15 trillion, there is a significant amount of investment opportunity available in these markets.

Benefits of GPN's Decentralized Alternative Investments Syndicate Offerings (DAISO):

GPN's DAISO is a platform that enables retail investors to access a diverse range of investment opportunities. The platform leverages the power of the community to validate projects and/or funds, ensuring a safe direction for investment. GPN guarantees liquidity and charges no management taxes or fees from the investor.

The key benefits of GPN and DAISO are:

  • Access to well-vetted alternative investments: GPN provide the community with access to alternative investments that are thoroughly researched and documented by GPC & Alternative Investment Partners. DAISO listings are diversified geographically and branches, designed to meet the needs of all investors, including those with the highest standards and years of experience in the market, providing a powerful resource that adds significant value to their investment journey, ensuring that they can confidently make informed decisions..

  • Democratization of the market: GPN makes it easy for retail investors to access alternative investments, alongside established players in the market. Through the GPN ecosystem and DAISO, investors can participate in projects and funds across a range of alternative asset classes, including private equity, venture capital, cryptocurrencies, real estate, hedge funds, commodities, collectibles, and more. GPN provides access to investment rounds such as SEED and Series A, which were previously difficult for retail investors to participate in. Our platform is designed with the needs of retail investors in mind, ensuring that anyone can invest in alternative assets with ease and confidence.

  • Enhanced investor confidence: GPN's vetting process ensures that poor quality and insecure DAISO listings are prevented. The first layer is vetted by GreenPad Capital (GPC), while the second layer is vetted by the Community. The validation or invalidation of a project by a large mass of diversified investors indicates clearly the quality of a project and the path to follow, ensuring that investors can invest with confidence.

  • Tokenization: GPN members who choose to invest through DAISO, will receive their investment in the form of tokenized shares and/or stocks, which will be recorded on a blockchain. This allows for greater transparency and efficiency in the investment process, as well as enabling fractional ownership of assets that may have previously been out of reach for individual investors.

  • Liquidity: One of the key benefits of investing through GPN is the potential for liquidity. By using blockchain technology, tokenized shares and/or stocks can be easily traded on secondary markets, which allows investors to buy and sell their shares and/or stocks without having to wait for traditional exit opportunities like IPOs or acquisitions.

  • Investment Opportunities: GPN offers a wide range of investment opportunities, including private equity, venture capital, real estate, and other alternative assets. By using DAISO and tokenization, GPN is able to offer investments in a more efficient and accessible way.

  • Global Access: Thanks to our global community, GPN offers a diverse range of investment opportunities that are not limited by geographic barriers. This allows us to stay ahead of global investment trends and capitalize on emerging opportunities from around the world.

  • Due Diligence: GPN takes due diligence seriously and conducts through research on all potential investments. This helps to ensure that only the best investment opportunities are offered to GPN members.

  • Experienced Team: GPN is spearheaded by a team of seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds in finance, technology, and entrepreneurship. Our team boasts a proven track record of success and is wholly committed to delivering exceptional value to GPN members. We are also establishing an independent team of seasoned specialists who will operate within GreenPad Capital (GPC), a centralized company that will oversee the DAISO platform. By bringing together top talent from a range of industries, GPN is poised to disrupt the alternative investment space and provide unparalleled opportunities for our members.

  • Zero Fees: GPN charges no fees relative to traditional investment vehicles, which helps to maximize returns for GPN members.

GPN is an innovative investment platform that leverages blockchain technology to offer greater transparency, efficiency, and accessibility in the investment process. With a wide range of investment opportunities, a global reach, and a commitment to due diligence, GPN is an attractive option for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and access alternative asset classes.

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