Journey Map

GPN RoadMap

GPN has a bold vision to revolutionize the alternative investments market, and to democratize access to investment opportunities for people who have been historically excluded from them. The GPN team has developed a clear and comprehensive roadmap, which outlines their plan to achieve this ambitious goal.

2021: GPN embarked on its journey to develop a solution to make Alternative Investments available to everyone.

  • Assembled a Core Team with a shared vision of transforming the investment landscape

  • Identified gaps and issues in the Alternative Investments field to inspire innovative solutions

  • Prioritised the development of robust and secure smart contracts for the GPN Utility Tokens

  • Designed the GPN Utility Tokens to be flexible, future-proof, and prioritize security and transparency

2022: GPN continued to focus on developing and researching alternative investments.

  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: We conducted extensive research to gain a better understanding of the legal and regulatory environment. This led to the creation of a legal structure that meets the necessary requirements for the GPN Ecosystem, ensuring compliance with the relevant regulations and laws.

  • Ecosystem Design: To ensure seamless functionality of different components of the GPN Ecosystem, we modelled the ecosystem in compliance with legal standards. This helped us to identify potential issues and implement solutions to ensure a smooth experience for our members.

  • Platform Development: We established GPC as a critical component of the GPN Ecosystem. It facilitates the process for startups to apply for funding, and for the community to invest in projects safely. Additionally, we created DAISO, Unicorn Farm, HODLing, and Network Keys to expand the investment options for our users.

  • Community Incentives: To encourage active participation of community members in the GPN Ecosystem, we created the Ambassadors Circle Reward platform. It incentivizes our users to contribute to the growth and development of the ecosystem while earning rewards for their contributions.

2023: As GPN enters its third year, the Team has set its sights on building its online presence and build a robust community. To achieve this goal, several initiatives are planned for the year:

  • Publishing of the LightPaper to provide detailed information on GPN's vision, technology, and investment opportunities.

  • Launch of the GPN Presentation website to showcase the GPN ecosystem.

  • Introducing the "Ambassadors Circle" reward program and leveraging key social channels to cultivate a thriving community. Our focus is on building a strong and engaged network of ambassadors to drive our mission forward.

  • Launch of the Public Seed (R I Crowdfunding) in Q3, which will last for 3-6 months, to raise funds for GPN's development and to form the community.

- During the Public Seed period,

  • GPN will prioritize building a robust GPC team. To accomplish this, GPN intends to recruit professionals with diverse expertise to effectively manage GPC operations.

  • GPN is expanding its development team to ensure efficient and thorough progress in the ecosystem's development and oversight.

  • To comply with regulatory requirements, GPN will establish the necessary legal entities and conduct legal and technical audits.

  • GPN is committed to seeking out partnerships with entities that can bring value to the entire community. By working together with these partners, we aim to further enhance the GPN ecosystem and bring more opportunities for growth and success to our members.

- Set for Q4-2023, GPN has several significant milestones planned, including:

  • the launch of the Public Sale (R II Crowdfunding).

  • the Ambassadors Circle Claim Platform going live.

  • HODLing becoming available.

  • listing of GPN on a CEX.

  • the distribution of Trend Setters NFTs to incentivize and reward early supporters of the project.

2024: GPN has a series of key milestones planned to advance ecosystem development, including:

  • Launching a support platform to facilitate Membership Support for GPN members, providing them with assistance when needed.

  • Creating a DEX liquidity pool to increase liquidity for GPN Utility Token holders.

  • Launching DAISO, GPN's fundraising platform, and conducting a marketing campaign to promote it.

  • Conducting a marketing campaign for GPC to increase its visibility and reach, further supporting startups in their fundraising endeavors.

  • Listing various projects and funds on DAISO, offering diverse investment opportunities for the GPN community.

  • Launching Unicorn Farm, GPN's startup hub, designed to provide resources and support for promising new ventures.

  • Conducting beta testing for AI investment recommendations to enhance GPN's investment advisory services, offering more personalized and data-driven guidance.

  • Launching the GPN mobile application to provide convenient access to GPN services while on-the-go.

  • Consulting with the community and publishing the roadmap for 2025, ensuring transparency and keeping everyone informed about GPN's plans and goals.

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